Culture in the Ahrn Valley

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when it’s shared

Where would mankind be without culture. 

  • The Taufers Fortress is one of the largest, strongest beautiful castles in South Tyrol.
  • The South Tyrolean Mining MuseumLearn about ore mining and experience the Steinhaus. 
  • The Prettau Climate Tunnel has the motto ‘Breathe In’ and offers ideal air and hygiene conditions, which are treasured by allergists. 
  • Discover sacred art in Taufer’s churches and chapels, as well as excavated findings on loan in the Parish Museum.  Don’t miss the Holy Spirit Church and the Saint Walburg Church. 
  • In the Nativity museum Maranatha, you will dive into the mystic world of nativity scenes.  There are popular Tyrolean scenes, antique Oriental displays, as well as nativity scenes presented in modern art
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