Ahrn Valley.Nature

Time passes quickly when you are happy

Mother Natures at its best. 

The Ahrn Valley/Valle Aurina offers great natural experiences .....

Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Parkmountains, meadows, forests, trees and stones.  Discover the Ahrn Valley/Valle Aurina with all its nature.

84 mountains well over the three-thousand metres mark:  mountains often have the tendency to fascinate, impress and give you strength.  Here, in the Ahrn Valley, you can choose from a variety of mountains that are more than three thousand metres high...marvel at them, climb them... and conquer them. 

Taufer waterfalls: Water gives you life.  Enjoy an excursion to admire this great natural spectacle. 

Mineral museum: Admire the largest treasure of the Ahrn Valley/Valle Aurina at the Museum Mineralis. 

From sheep to a coat...  Come and see how lamb’s wool is made into traditional costumes and coats.  


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